Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Appointment

The pic is my 26 week shot taken last Wednesday on my way to my endo appointment. My face is all flushed and I look a little out of it but what can you expect.

So I am a little disappointed at this appointment. Apparently when they gave me my measurements last week they gave me the wrong number. The 2.35 they gave me is the FULL length of my cervix including what is already opening. So my length hasn't really changed at all. It is still about 1.4cm which is good because it is stable but still... Next week they will do a growth measurement ultrasound to make sure baby boy is still growing properly.

They did re-confirm that he is a boy again, because I mentioned that I was having dreams about going into labor and poof out comes a girl! Not that I would be upset, but it would still be quite shocking. In my dream I was even trying to come up with a little poem to put on the announcements to say it's a girl not a boy. But thanks to the ultrasound lady today I am 100% sure that we are having a boy. Phew! Makes me feel better to know for sure. I am not feeling so good today so I think I am going to go lay down. Toodles!

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