Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First Entry!

So Here I am, just shy of 26 weeks along, and just now starting one of these journal thingies. I am the worst at procrastinating but Oh well. My original plan was to do a video journal with my camera but I really don't have the motivation to get myself all dolled up everytime I want to make an entry.

The picture is 25wks5days. I am to self conscious to take a picture with my shirt up. So I am sticking with this until I feel comfortable...if I ever do. I have a full body shot but Keith took it and I look like an Amazon woman. So no posting that! I will try to take another when I get ready for my next appt. (I will take it myself in the mirror!!)

So now for the update on the pregnancy, sorry to everyone that has heard all this a million times! On Thursday June 5th, 2008 I went in for a routine ultrasound and the technician happened to check and noticed that my cervix was extremely short for 22wks(it was at 1.5cm, normal length is above 3cm). I was immediately sent to Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY where I was monitored for the weekend. On Monday, it had not improved...it had actually gotten worse (1.1cm) They decided to keep me there and monitor it for another week. Wednesday it had stayed the same, then Friday it had stayed the same as well. They believed that I was stable and because I was not having any risk factors for pre-term labor(contractions, water breaking, bleeding) they decided it was safe to send me home, to continue complete bedrest.

Since then I have been home and have had weekly check-ups and seem to be doing better. The first check-up showed improvement (1.1 to 1.4) and the check up we had yesterday was fantastic (1.4 to 2.35!!!) I am still on bedrest and probably will be for a while.

Poor Keith, I feel so bad that I can't do ANYTHING! He works all day, has to come home for lunch and make me food. Then he has to do all the housework and yardwork. He says it doesn't matter, but I know he is exhausted. :(

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