Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Once you start, you just can't stop!

Two posts in one day! I guess thats what you get from a bored pregnant lady stuck in bed. I did want to mention a few things before I forgot though, Keith had a phone interview with an Aerospace company in Kalamazoo yesterday. Nothing to get excited about, but he said they did sound interested. Hopefully we will hear back in a week or so.

Little Boy has been kicking and punching around in there for a few weeks now. I started to really tell the difference between the flutters and the kicks at about 20 wks. When I was in the hospital Keith was lucky enough to feel him send out a roundhouse kick(We still think he is training for ninja school!) My mom also felt him once when she was here helping us out.

As for names.... I keep getting asked what we are naming him, and this is the explaination you will get every time! We have a few names in consideration, but have decided that if or when we pick one, we are not announcing it until he is born. Why, you ask? Because I have this fear that we will announce a name and then when he gets here we will change our minds and either have to go through the trouble of explaining it or stick with the name we no longer like. So there.

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