Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The tree attacked my husband!!

As if there wasn't enough going on with us right now, a tree attacked my husband and fractured his shoulder blade. So now not only can I not pick Cam up, it is very difficult for Keith to as well.

What happened is this: We took Cameron to the park with some friends on Saturday because it was a gorgeous day and it sounded like a good idea. It is a very nice park with infant swings and all. Above the swingset is one of those giant trees. You know, the ones that look like they are 200 ft tall and have a million large branches? Well apparently there was a broken branch lodged high up in the tree and when the wind blew pretty hard, it knocked this branch loose. And it wasn't a tiny branch. Probably 2 feet long and 3-4 inches in diameter. Keith had just finished pushing Cam on the swing and they were walking back towards me, with Cam in front of Keith. The branch crashed down and nailed Keith directly on the shoulder. The branch broke into 3 pieces on impact, and my husband nearly passed out.

I am not happy that it hit my husband, but if it had to hit something, I am glad it hit what it did. Seriously, if it had been 2 inches to the right it would have fractured his skull. If it had fallen 2 inches to the left, it would have hit my son, and I don't want to even think of the result of that.

ANYWAYS.... Keith is still in pain, but it seems to be decreasing slightly, little by little.

I am 30 weeks pregnant today. I did the math, and if I deliver her at the same time I delivered Cam, I only have 35 days left!!! WOW! Thats seems so much shorter than 5 weeks...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on all fronts

So it has been a while since I posted, I know. Sorry. Here are the updates:

Pregnancy: I am 29 weeks now. My cervix is at the borderline of having me in the danger zone. Basically at this point anything under 2.5cm is considered "dangerous" and requires strict bedrest, maybe even hospitalization. My cervix was 2.58 at my last ultrasound in March and 2.53 at my ultrasound on Monday. So really boderline. Little girl is growing great and I have had several comments from the ultrasound techs at how much hair she already has and how unusual it is for there to be hair (and this much) this early. She is a beauty though and we are so in love with her already. Unfortunately she is still breech though, so fingers crossed that she decides to turn in the next few weeks! Keith and my mom both agree that my belly is bigger at this point already than it was when I delivered Cameron... great. I already feel like a house!

Cameron- Well, Cameron turned 19 months on Monday and it was like a switch went off, he hit his terrible two's with such a vengance. Mommy is about at her wits end. Tantrum after tantrum and he is definitely trying to push all my buttons. As a result of one of his little "games" he is playing with me, I am being forced to do something I wasn't planning on doing for a while yet. Taking away his pacifier.... SOOO the next few days will be a bit of a challenge, and I hope I can handle it.

As for the good things, He is talking quite a bit now and trying really hard to copy us with his words. He loves animals and LOVES his puppy. I have a bunch of new pictures of him that I will try to post in the next few days. This week has been a challenge here in the Sylvester House so please try to bear with me.

I really can't wait for June. My baby will be here, I will be able to get up and about again (believe me this whole "taking it easy" thing is driving me insane!) I want to be able to clean my house and cook dinner. My wonderful husband does a great job of maintaining the basic things in the house ie laundry, dishes and vaccuuming, but the poor guy is wearing himself out and I hope he doesn't just crash. There are lists of things I want to do, but can't. I feel horrible asking Keith to do any more than he is already currently doing, so it just doesn't get done.

My mom came to stay over Easter and we had a good time coloring eggs and playing with Cameron's Easter basket. And my mom helped Keith clear the yard for the Spring (THANKS MOM!!!)

I can't wait for all the things we can do this summer, go to the park, take the kids to the zoo. I have so many great plans, and I am so glad baby girl is due at the beginning of summer so we have the time and opportunity to enjoy some of this summer (unlike when I was pregnant with Cam! On bedrest all summer....Yuck!)

Enough of all that. I promise to try to post pictures later!!