Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

So I thought I would wish everyone a happy Valentines day and share some pictures.

First off, a Sunday morning tickle session with daddy! Our little bendy-boy. He likes to hang upside down..... Who knows....

Playing with fruit loops on the floor. What's the fun of keeping them in the cup?

And my belly at 21 weeks, Yuck...I feel huge!

This morning my husband surprised me with a very sweet Valentine's day card and a box of chocolates. Cameron took the chocolates from me, ran around with them for a bit, then brought them back over to me and said "La lou" which in Cameroni (his own language) means I love you! Isn't that sweet!?
Then this afternoon, Cameron's favorite stuffed animal, Kitty Kitty, was taking a bath (in the washer) and when we opened the washer we realized that Kitty Kitty needed emergency surgery. Her seam on her back had come open and a bunch of her fluff came out! She even lost her heart! (she is from Build a bear, if that makes any sense) Fortunately I was able to procure my long lost sewing kit from the garage. This thing had not been touched since I was probably 12 years old. I scavenged inside and found amongst the millions of pins, 1 single needle! Eureka! Cameron is of course distraught because I wont let him hug Kitty Kitty. We salvage the fluff from the washer, stuff her back up and I sew her up with all my lack of skill! Kitty kitty is alive and well, albeit with one nasty looking surgery scar.... Hey- I never said it was pretty! BUT I feel like super-mom for being able to avert disaster!

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Tammy said...

Camerons a good kid. Me, I end up performing operations pretty often on dog toys. They get ripped to pieces, I restuff, resqueek, and then resew them. I however don't give the patients back to loving kids like Cameron who are distraught over them - they get thrown back to destructive puppies who just end up trying to destuff them all over again.


PS the wounds are just love scars and tatoos. I'd write it down somewhere with a picture for cameron so when he gets older and still has the stuffed animal he has the "war" story.