Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can't I have a normal pregnancy???

So I went to the doctor's office today for my bi-weekly check up. Ultrasound was good, cervix is holding up well. (surprisingly)

So anyways, the midwife wanted to talk to me about something they found on my anatomy scan. Apparently a baby's umbilical cord is supposed to have 2 arteries and 1 vein running through it. But it seems our little girl has only 1 artery and 1 vein. Of course she would have to be different. The midwife said the most common complications associated with this are premature labor and/or low birth weight. It still freaks me out. I wish I had time to let it sink in so I could ask the 30 thousand questions that are running through my head right now...

So it looks like I am am just going to be paranoid for the next...oh 3 and a half months. Not that I'm not already, but just one more thing to add to my list.

Oh yeah, so also I have to have weekly 17p injections (in my gluteus maximus....) to stave off unwanted contractions. I started going in to the office and having a nurse do them, then the nurse taught Keith how to do it so we could do it at home. Well last week Keith did it no problem. Last night...well that was another story. He couldn't find the right spot and stuck me 3 times, each time resulting in me yelping and jumping away. The third time I ended up bawling hanging over the edge of the bed.... After that I said to give it up and have the nurse do it today. When I went in she looked at the spot he was using and said "No wonder it hurt..... There is a nerve there... its called the sciatic" Ahhhhh. That explains it.

And on top of all that, Cameron decided to wake up at 7am today, and wasnt able to get a nap before the appointment, so he was a little, ok a lot fussy at the office. He passed out in the car on the way home, but when I tried to lay him down he only slept for 45 minutes before waking up in an even crankier mood.

Enough of my wonderful day... When I get on the main computer tonight I will scan in the little girls pictures from today.


LizE And Bean said...

Hang in there Girl! She has to be unique... if we all had a typical pregnancy... where's the fun in that!? LOL! Those injections sound painful... yikes... I'm a baby when it comes to needles so bravo on letting DH give it a try... I already know that mine would give me a crazy look on his face (grin from ear to ear) and just make me too nervous. GOOD LUCK!

Jen said...

Don't worry too much about the arteries/veins thing... I mean, ask all your questions and whatnot, but this just happened to my cousin and they told her one of the twins would probably end up with downsyndrome and probably be premature... well, let me tell you, she carried BOTH those babies to term and they are both beautiful and 100% healthy! :)