Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Joy of My Boy

The Joy Of My Boy:
A look back at the first of many years with my little man.
On September 5th 2008 I became:
Your Mommy
Your Caregiver
Your Playmate
Your Best Friend
Your Personal Butt Wiper
On September 5th 2008 You became:
My World
My Heart
The thing I look forward to seeing
My reason to wake up in the morning
My little Oogie Boogie
Those sleepless nights checking to see if you were still breathing.
The multitudes of dirty diapers.
The hundreds of dollars spent on diapers and formula.
The loads of laundry to wash off the spit up and "accidents"
Were all worth it and more when I saw you:
Roll over the first time
Sit up on your own
Drag yourself around the house :)
Look at me and recognize me
Reach for me
Cry for me
Pull yourself up and look to me because you were so proud
Give your puppy kisses
Things I taught you:
To crawl
To wave
To laugh
To play
To blow raspberries
Things you taught me:
To be 100% Selfless
To be a night owl
To always "point it downward"
To be someone I didn't know existed inside me
That a smile can make anything better.
How is it that you can send me into peals of laughter with your growl?
How do you melt my heart with your giggle?
How do you make a full out scream look cute?
How do I deal with my baby growing up?
How do I put into words just how much you mean to me, and how you have changed my life?
I want to thank you,
For blessing me with your presence
For the sloppy, slobbery kisses that I love so much
For snuggling into my chest when you are upset, tired or don't feel very good
For making "mama" your first word
For spending your days with me enjoying simple things like hide and seek and tickling
For being the absolute miracle that you are and giving me a purpose
For showing me how wonderful the world can be when you see it through your child's eyes.
Happy Birthday, I Love You
My Cameron, My Son
You will not always be a baby, But you will always be MY baby.

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Jen said...

i just about started crying there... oh so true when you become a parent. everything is new and exciting and heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. we are so blessed to have these wonderful little ones in our lives! :)

happy birthday, cameron! (in a couple days)