Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Alright I will start out by saying I AM A HORRIBLE BLOGGER! I didn't make a single post in September and this is my first in October. And his birthday was in September!! I will blame it on being busy. Between planning his birthday, moving and just plain life.... Well. It all added up. I will do my best to be better at it. No promises though!

Now for the big update! On Monday October 12th Cameron took his first step on his own. He did about 6 non-consecutive steps that evening, then Tuesday October 13th he just took off doing like 6-8 steps at once all on his own! My little boy is truly a toddler now! He is almost 13 1/2 months.

We went to a birthday party last weekend for my friend's daughter Madeleine. Madeleine and Cameron were due 3 days apart but as we all know Cameron was born early so they are about 5 weeks apart. I was so great to see them play together. I found out how passive Cam is. When he would have a toy and Madeleine would take it from him, he would just give it to her. The only problem we had was when Madeleine was opening her presents, Cameron wanted to be in the middle of it and play with all of her new toys too! I am so happy for them too! Madeleine's parents, Ashley and Aaron are expecting #2 in early December, so the kids will be approximately 14 months apart! Good luck guys!

I don't know if everyone is aware that we are completely moved in to our new house. WE LOVE IT!! There is a full flight of stairs and we have been trying to teach Cameron how to go up and down them safely. Unfortunately the other day he got too confident and fell off the bottom step onto the floor which is tile. He got a big knot on his head, but is doing good overall.

I will post a couple of pics and maybe a video of him walking tomorrow. Goodnight all!

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