Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Bizarre

I know this looks like a novel, but if you can make it through to the end there is an story worth reading......

THE GOOD-So we finally received the offer from the job in Kalamazoo and it sounds wonderful and Keith has accepted it. We will be moving back to our home state of Michigan.....YAY!!! Closer to family and friends, back into the house that never sold in Battle Creek. I am soooo excited to be home again. It is a huge relief to be closer to my mom and friends. I will be spending a week in Midland before I get to Battle Creek because of the situation so that I will be around people in case something happens with the pregnancy I wont be alone for that week out here in New York.

THE BAD- On the same note, we have to do this very quickly. He received the offer last Thursday and he has to start on August 29th. The reason for this is because the insurance starts the first of the month after he starts which means he has to start in August to get the insurance to start in September (which is necessary because.....I'm PREGNANT) So we have 2 weeks to figure everything out. Plus he will have to drive back out the next weekend to meet the movers in New York, (that is if we can get the movers scheduled for the days we need) On top of everything else, I am 81/2 months pregnant and there is that looming possibility that I will go into pre-mature labor especially with all the issues we have been having. But we have to do what we have to do.

THE BIZARRE- Ok, the story we have all been waiting for. Last night came a knock on our front door. Keith answered and followed the knockers outside. After about 20 mins or so I finally looked outside and saw him and our neighbors from across the street staring at the side of the house and talking intently. I went out to the porch and sat down and they walked around to explain what was going on. The neighbor, Brian, had been parking his vehicle in our next door neighbors driveway and noticed an odd plant in our yard. This plant always seemed large but never seemed to be a cause of concern to us before. But as a worker for the fire department Brian had recognized the plant that, though very rare, had its picture posted like a wanted ad all around his office. It is called the Giant Hogweed and can be 10-15ft tall. Brian called the USDA because this plant is considered very toxic and dangerous. APPARENTLY if you get the sap on your skin and expose it to sunlight, it causes 3rd degree burns and boils. Just what we needed when we just put our house on the market on Thursday. Why don't we use that to advertise huh? "COME BUY THE HOUSE WITH THE NOXIOUS TOXIC PLANT" Now we have to wait for the government to come and inspect the plant and possibly excavate a large portion of our yard so it doesn't re-grow. Who would be expecting something like that???

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Jen said...

Good for you guys!! Glad you get to go back home!! :) Sorry about the toxic plant at your place, but I'm sure it will all work out just fine! :) And I'm glad the pregnancy is going well and you have made it safely to the 32 week mark! :)