Friday, August 1, 2008

Sleep Deprivation.........

So I was exhausted last night, I ended up going to sleep about 7:30pm. The only problem is I couldn't stay asleep. I woke up about every half hour and then it took me another 20 mins to fall back asleep (not including having to go to the bathroom) Finally about 4am I said screw it and just got up. If this is my body preparing me for when the baby comes, it's being very cruel about it.
I went to the doc's yesterday. Everything is still on track. 30 weeks down, 10 to go... 4 more weeks until I can start slowly moving again. I can smell the freedom! I took some pics but haven't had a chance to download them yet. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. We'll see what happens.
Our dog, Molly, seems to be having some issues lately so we have to take her to the vets on Monday. I think female labs are prone to ear infections or something because she gets at least one a year and her mother gets them all the time too. Strange.

Got to share a funny story. If you don't know, along with our dog we have 3 cats. Binx, Medea, and Freud. Well, Freud seems to be of the opinion that he is more dog than cat. He eats dog food, sleeps in the dog kennel, plays roughly with the dog, chases the other cats....etc. Most times he plays with Molly he just lets her eat him and wags his tail. The other day I was watching them and Molly laid on the floor and Freud got on her head and started attacking her neck and ears like a real dog would. I mean he isn't a small cat by any means but come on!! Molly is a full grown LAB. And she just submits to his torment!! Oh I will never understand the world of animals, but they are just so entertaining, right??

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