Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time is flying!

Here it is, mid-August and it feels like this year is just rushing past! Cameron will be 2 in two weeks. Zoey is getting so big and my life just couldn't be sweeter!

Due to complications with our lease, we had to move AGAIN... Man I am so tired of that. We are still in the midst of the move and have some things left at the old house in Plainwell. We are now back in Kalamazoo. Much closer to Keith's work. We will be completely moved in by Sept 1st. I will post pictures of Zoey's nursery soon! Speaking of Keith's work, we have our fingers greatly crossed for a promotion that he interviewed for a week or so ago and are waiting to hear the answer....

We will not be coming to Midland for Cameron's birthday this year. We have so much going on and since it is Labor Day weekend not many people will even be in town to attend so it just doesn't make sense. We are having a small party down here at his godmother's house. Nothing big, just a cake and burgers.

Our goddaughter Kaylee turned 1 last week and she is having her birthday party this weekend! I can't believe she is 1 already. Kaylee and Zoey are exactly 10 months apart. Time sure flys!

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