Monday, August 30, 2010

New House

Miss Zoey playing in her swing!
The nursery
Very pink!
Love it!
Lots of hard work, But I think it turned out well
View from the living room to the kitchen
View from the kitchen to the dining room
View from the kitchen to the living room
The Kitchen
Hi Everyone!!
Well, it is almost September! One week from yesterday our little boy will be 2!!! Zoey is almost 12 weeks old and is such a doll! We are finishing up the last few things with the old house up in Plainwell and then we are completely moved. Now to work on putting everything away and finding a place for things at the new house. It is going to be such a great place once we have everything organized! Right now we are still kinda living out of boxes but we make do!
The family has been fighting a bit of a cold for a week or so. I think Cameron picked it up somewhere when we were in Midland. Then it has worked its way through the rest of the family. Zoey is the last one to have gotten it and she is so miserable. I can see it in her little eyes that she doesn't feel well at all. :(
The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy! During the weeks I am working on organizing and putting things away. This next weekend (Labor Day weekend) we are getting our family pictures done on Saturday ( I will be sure to post them!) Then on Sunday we are having a small gathering at a friends house for Cameron's birthday! (With a Buzz Lightyear cake of course!!) Hopefully we will spend Labor Day getting things done around the house. Then the following weekend I am going to have a garage sale here at the new house. If all works out, the week of the 20th of September Keith will be out of town for a training seminar and I will be bringing the kids up to Midland for the week.
Hope everyone is doing well and has enjoyed their summer!

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