Saturday, December 19, 2009

15 months and Cerclage

On Thursday we took Cameron in for his 15 month appointment. He was 21lbs and 30 3/4 inch. His weight percentile went from 5th to 9th!!! Yay! We are finally putting on some weight. Not that I couldn't tell from his little pot belly poking out when he walks. We were sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor, Cameron was stripped down to his britches and exploring everything in the room. When the doctor finally came in Cam sat down on the floor. I said "tell the doctor Hi!" and he went "HI!!!" and waved emphatically. Yep this kids isn't social AT all!

And then yesterday, I went in and had my cerclage done. For those of you that don't care to "know" more about me, stop reading now! Talk about out of body experience. It was so surreal, walking into the operating room, having 6 or 7 masked people decend on me like vultures to a carcass. Then the spinal. The thing I was worried about, felt like someone was digging an ice pick around in my back. Once that fun was done, I was put on my back and they lifted my dead weight legs into those fancy stirrups that just make you feel so special. Followed by a brief intermission while the spinal fully kicked in and I am splayed open for all the world to see while the doctors stand there having a conversation about "Julie and Julia"- Go figure. Slightly uncomfortable. Thankfully they let me cling to my picture of Cameron the whole time since I apparently wasn't allowed to cling to any dignity...

Anywho the whole procedure took all of 15 minutes, and then they wheeled me to the recovery room for me to sit until I could feel some semblance of my lower half. It took about 2+ hours, they tried to sit me up at one point and my BP dropped and I nearly passed out, so we took that a little slower. Then once I was able to be put in the fancy rolling chair, they told me to go to the bathroom and I could go home.... Easier said than done! Apparently my muscles were still too numb to remember how to go! It took another 2 hours for that! I have never been so excited to go to the bathroom! But then again I have never had a cheering section of nurses encouraging me before either.

I am now at home, after a 20 minute trip up the stairs... You never know how much you use your leg muscles until you can't feel them anymore.... I am in bed, yearning to be up playing with my little boy. But Everything went well. I go back on December 28th to check it and make sure everything is staying well put, including our little bean!

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