Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day!

Yesterday it got up to 84 degrees!! I took Cameron to the pediatricians to get his ears checked out because he has been rubbing them and I was worried he might have an ear infection. Also I didn't want to go on a plane next week if he did without treating it. BUT he doesn't turns out it was just worried mom reading too much into it.

Next Saturday we (me and Cameron) are flying out to New Jersey to visit with family out there. We are excited to see Baba and Deda, Pops, Aunt Munchkin and Uncle David and Uncle Ninja!!!

Oh, yesterday we had a breakthrough.... Literally. His bottom front teeth broke through!!!

Sorry I am such a horrible mom for not taking any pictures, actually I don't think I have pulled my camera out in like 2 weeks! But I promise I will at least take some pictures out on the east coast.

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