Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another rainy Tuesday.

Well, Sunday night my little man slept from 9pm to almost 8am... without any interruptions or anything. But I guess it was just a fluke because last night he was back to his normal up every couple hours, woke at 4am to scream... Oh well. At least we know it is possible. Just not probable.

He is really teething. He has two teeth coming in on the bottom and both his canines feel like they are about to burst through. As you can probably guess he is not a happy camper. He has started giving hugs and kisses. Of course kisses for him means open mouthed slobbery gummy kisses, but I love them anyways!

I had a friend visit yesterday whose daughter is a month or so younger than Cameron and she is just unstoppable with her crawling! I couldn't believe my eyes! Cameron is nowhere near that yet but it just reinforces the fact that no 2 babies develop exactly the same. It also reminds me that he was born preemie which I tend to forget when comparing him to other babies.

This weekend I am heading to Midland to help my mom with her rummage sale. Which will take place Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to stop by. Hope everyone had a good and happy Easter.

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