Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Morning Michigan!

I woke up this morning to my lovely view of my backyard and did a double take. SNOW! Hang on there, Mel, isn't this April 6th? Where the heck is global warming now? I am having a relaxing moment or two here. It's 7:30am, me and my cup-o-joe are checking out the latest on the web while my 7 month old (as of yesterday!) snoozes to classical musical in his crib. We slept very well last night. Another milestone. This one may not mean much to everyone else but it is HUGE here in the Sylvester household. He started fussing as per usual, so I got up to go give him his paci and by the time I got there he had GIVEN IT BACK TO HIMSELF! (Insert little happy dance, which I would have done in the middle of the night if I had not currently had a case of zombie-itis going strong) Oh, happy day. Hopefully this isn't a fluke and he keeps it up!

On another note, more and more people keep telling me they are preggo! Now I have to admit, though I feel a slight tinge of jealousy, it is nowhere near the pain that news would shoot straight to my heart before Cameron. When you try for so long to have a child and everyone you know around you keeps reproducing like bunnies, it hurts. I mean really hurts. For the first time I can actually be truly happy for my friends when they are expecting (not that I wasn't happy for them before but that was a sort of bittersweet happy) I am actually really looking forward to throwing a small shower for a friend in June.

Wow, I am on a roll this morning! I just keep going. My mind is whirling with all these thoughts and I just wanted to express them this morning. I have made a realization recently. Michigan may be a pain in the butt in winter and construction seasons. But I really truly think that this is where I am meant to be. This is where I want to raise my family. If it happens in the future that we have to leave again to follow jobs, so be it, but I am so happy to be here now. All my life all I wanted was to get out of Midland, out of Michigan. And I did. I think it took actually getting out to realize that the grass is not only not greener on the other side but actually pretty darn green right here. I do not regret leaving for the time I did because if I hadn't I would spend my life wishing I could get out, whereas now I can appreciate this wonderful state for what it truly is. Home.

I really do love this house that we have found. It feels so right, so homey. I don't want to leave! I think Cameron likes it too. He sleeps so much better in his room here than he has anywhere else. There is an open invitation to all friends and family that we have a spare room if you want to come visit or just crash on your way through. We love to see you! If anyone wants any prints of Cameron's 7 month pictures, let me know. Have a good day and happy tomorrow.

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