Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wow! Time Sure Flies!!

I can't believe how much Cameron changes from day to day! He is rolling over, almost sitting up on his own, finding his voice.... REALLY finding his voice LOL especially when he decides that 3AM is a good time to sing and talk. He loves to laugh at us when we do silly things.

He has started sleeping on his own in his Pack N Play ( I know, I have been having him sleep with us but I just couldn't transition him yet.) He is doing really well over all. I have been having him sleep in it for naps and at night and he is putting himself to sleep. Now the next step is sleeping through the whole night!

Also the newest thing is we have started eating veggies!! We tried to eat cereal on a spoon but he wouldn't take it that way. He likes it in his bottle (I don't put too much in the bottle because I know it can be hazardous if it is too thick.) Our doctor told us to start vegetables first because fruit is sweet and he may not want veggies if he gets fruit first. We started with squash. He started slow but by the second day he was all about it! Now we have tried green beans as well and he sooooo loves it!!

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Hehe, I love the tubby picture!