Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures and More!

Yesterday Cameron crawled over to the wall and tried to reach for the outlet (which of course is covered but I still don't want him reaching for it) And I sternly said NO... He looked at me and kept reaching. I walked over to him and said NO again and lightly tapped his hand. OMG You would have thought I beat him with a 10 foot pole! He just started WAILING! I guess he doesn't like being reprimanded... But he will have to learn! This pic is from the airplane on the way out to New Jersey. He finally fell asleep on my shoulder....

Baba and Cameron... Spoons are tasty!

My brother ate this giant burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger and they made him get his pic taken with the giant burger for the wall... He doesn't look like he feels good after all that grease and meat does he?

I absolutely LOVE Camerons expression in this pic! He looks like he is from one of those Japanimation cartoons!! Deda looks so happy!

Spoon still tasty!

So thats all for now! We are going to a friends wedding this Saturday and will be coming to Midland the weekend of June 13th for Mauria's baby shower. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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