Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back from NJ and 8 months!!

We just got back from NJ yesterday. We had such a good time visiting family and spending time with people we don't get to see very often. Cameron didn't do as well as the first time on the plane but it wasn't horrible. The plane on the way home I had a whole row to myself so I was able to bring on his carseat, which made the flight much easier for me.

Cameron is 8 months as of Tuesday! He is now very verbal! He says Mama all the time and it is not just babbling he is actually saying it! Now Keith just wants him to say Dada! He also broke another tooth while we were out in NJ on the bottom so now he has both bottom teeth in. I think he really missed his crib though! As soon as he went to bed last night he just fell asleep and stayed in bed all night.

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